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About Desired Healing Centre



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Desired Healing Centre is a place of healing and wellness that is locally run in Prince George, BC. There is a strong focus on holistic wellness and healing. A trauma-informed lens is incorporated into all services. Services are offered in person in Prince George, BC and offered online across Canada. 

Jade Mathiscyk is the owner of Desired Healing Centre. She is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Mother, and Wife. Jade is passionate in supporting others in their healing journeys. Currently, counselling, coaching, and wellness workshops are provided for those in need. 

Know you're not alone.

Hi There, My name is Jade Mathiscyk. 

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, and wellness workshop facilitator. Through my lived experiences and specialties, I walk the path of healing with my clients. Cultivating a safe space, for you to feel seen and heard, something that I was always searching for in my adversities. It has become my mission and vision to create a space for you to share your story, share your voice, and the pains of your own lived experience. During our time together we embark on healing the wounds of the past, the symptoms of the present, and creating a desired future. 


My Goal as a Counsellor.

​        My goal as a counsellor is to ensure that you feel seen, heard, and understood. I want to create the safe space that you are looking for. I have been holding space for individuals for many years. Listening and being there for others has become my passion and life's purpose.  In 2008 I began my journey of bachelor studies in Social Work. As I entered motherhood in 2012 my vision in how I wanted to help and be of service evolved and changed. Throughout my life starting at a very young age, I began holding space for others and the troubles on their hearts and adversities they were moving through. Once I became a mother and really focused on my own healing, I realized that I wanted to pursue counselling and become a registered therapist, helping others heal.  My specializations are trauma, addictions, mental health disorders: anxiety, depression, PTSD, CPTSD, grief, and attachment. I use Somatic Therapy along with Cognitive behavioral therapy, and a person-centered approach in session. I have been working in a counselling setting for the last two years allowing me to finally step into my dream of holding space for others as my career.  Along with my educational and work background, I have lived experience in trauma and complex trauma. These experiences in my life have happened for a reason. I am now able to help others now move through different adversities through the lens of experience, knowledge, and educational backgrounds. 

The values I live by as a counselor are respect, understanding, empathy, expression, honesty, compassion, and integrity. These values are important pieces that I feel are necessary for building the foundation of the therapeutic relationship; to share the pain of the heart, which is not always an easy thing to do.  As a counsellor I want to create a safe space where I can hold the real struggles that you have gone through. Desired Healing Centre is a place of healing and support, where wisdom, tools, and learning is shared. During my own healing journey, I was able to find a safe space that was held by someone I trusted, which allowed me to open up. Most importantly, I was able to open my heart up to the possibilities of healing my pain, the past, and the symptoms. It is my goal now, as a counsellor, to help clients learn how they can do this on their own. 

Warm wishes, 

Jade Mathiscyk


The different services, specializations, and therapies that I use as a Counsellor in session with clients. 

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