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Wellness Coaching & Healing 

     As a Wellness Coach, I work with my clients in a creative and thought-provoking process that allows them to come to their own awareness. It is a partnership that we create together, taking a person-centered approach. Meaning you are the expert of your own life. I am just here to help you uncover your full potential. I am not here to give you my opinions or biases. I am here to listen and help guide you to your own understandings and goals. I can work with you regarding anything in the present and moving towards a desired future.


     The only limitation I have is that I cannot help you heal or process anything from your past. That is where counselling comes in, to create a proper space of being held and different modalities are used to support your healing. In coaching we focus on your present and your future. We uncover your barriers and blocks holding you back in life. In our time we find ways to help support emotional processing and regulation. Most importantly the space we create together provides a safe and confidential place to process and talk about whatever your needing help and guidance within your life.

We can work towards a specific vision that you may have for your life. 

Coaching can come at a time when your focus is not so much on the past but looking towards your future or current blocks in your life. Reach out and inquire for a twenty-minute discovery call to have a conversation and learn more. 

Sessions can be in-person located in Prince George, BC and online across Canada. 


60 min   l     $100

90 min   l      $150

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Desired Healing Centre

Owner: Jade Mathiscyk

Phone: 780.978.4848

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